Kitten Sales

Update by 17/4/2020

About us

We are registered breeder (dual members of ANCATS) in Hurstville area of Sydney. We are specialised in solid blue, lilac, cream, bicolours, and shaded British Shorthairs and Scottish Fold.

We breed for type and temperaments while their health is always the first priority. We ensure all of them are raised in house with love and care and guaranteed to be socialised, healthy and free of genetic faults.
We sell kittens to selected family who is responsible and willing to provide the best needs for their cat’s daily care. Please introduce yourself and the family when making an enquiry because we will not bother answering questions without knowing what kind of family our kitten will be living with.

Our breeding plans and available kittens will be updated under “Kittens sale” page. Occasionally, we have kittens from other registered breeder friends who are willing to sell though our channel but we will state clearly.

If you are interested in one of kittens, feel free to contact us.

About British Shorthairs

British Shorthairs (Keywords: calm, easygoing, not fond of being carried, independent/can be offish)
Compared to most shorthair breeds, British Shorthairs are relatively calm cats when they mature. They are easygoing in nature and talk infrequently. Very affectionate, they become quite attached to the people they own. British Shorthairs are easily trained and very adaptable. They seem to get along well with all human members of the household, regardless of age, but are usually not fond of being carried/picked up. They are relatively more independent and even offish sometimes, so I suggest this breed to people who work full time and/or with children that need to go to school during the day. So they will be fine by themselves at home when you are away. They are medium- to large-sized and are a slow maturing breed that do not reach their full size until three years of age. Although most people think of them as being blue cats, they come in a number of colors and patterns. Not every blue cat is a British Shorthair. British Shorthairs have no specific breed-related diseases.